Bud Monaco is a book author in addition to his work in music as an independent music promoter, recording studio music producer, and song writer. He has now authored and published his first full length book titled, "Drafted: You're In The Army Now!" It is an in-depth and unique biography about being drafted into the U.S. Army and his overseas military service in Panama, Central America.

"Drafted: You're In The Army Now!" Book Review Quotes by Readers.

"This is one Soldier's story about being Drafted, Army Basic and Advanced Individual Training, and Tour of Duty Overseas in Panama, Central America. During the Vietnam War years, being in a combat zone was serious business, but Army garrison life was a totally different animal. This personal story is serious, scary, informative, witty, funny, and sometimes hilarious, sometimes, all at the same time. It is a unique look into Army training and Army garrison life overseas in a foreign country. Men who were soldiers once, all have unique stories to tell. This story is just one of them. These were some of the days of their lives, never to be forgotten."
"Monaco is a great story teller. His detail of Army Basic and Advanced Individual Training is sharp and very accurate. His writing tales of Army garrison life overseas reads like Lacombe, Galloway, or Ambrose in one chapter, and yet in the next chapter, reads like Tom Wolfe's, 'Electric Kool Aid Acid Test,' or a comedy routine by Dennis Leary, or Dice Clay. This outstanding memoir is one crazy, intense, and wild ride." C.P.
"If you've never had the pleasure of being drafted into the Army, Monaco's detailed expose' will bring the experience into a sharp perspective. For veterans of the Vietnam War era, you can relive these times of your lives. Only this time around, reading Monaco's book, it will not be the worst time of your lives."
"Army garrison life overseas is a life of its own. Monaco shows the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Army life in Central America. At times, it's whacked out Army life, at other times, it's extensively enjoyable, and many times, it's outrageously funny with clever truthfulness and wit. Monaco's book is a sure fire good read."
"Monaco's book will take you on a memorable journey into Army life, tales of Navy, Marines, and Air Force military life overseas, the beauty and debauchery of Panama City, Panama, the grand but dangerous triple canopy jungles of Central America, along with a nostalgic look back at Chicago's South Side in the late 1960's and early 1970's."