Eternal Immortal Soldier


Ever wonder what kind of soldier a man would be that fought in deadly combat during six different wars? In this exciting new novel, “Eternal Immortal Soldier,” author Bud Monaco’s main character, leader of men and hero soldier, Sergeant Duncan Cloverhill, is this kind of soldier. Monaco and Sergeant Cloverhill take readers on an epic journey through time spanning three hundred years of American warfare; the American Revolutionary War, America’s Civil War, World War One, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Monaco details the vivid horrors of warfare, and the lives, brutal suffering, and courageous soldiers dying in combat on war ravaged battlefields. This epic novel will have readers feeling as if they’re on the blood soaked killing grounds and battlefields, fighting side by side with Sergeant Cloverhill and his brave bands of citizen soldier brothers. American Military Veterans of past wars, present day American Military Men and Women, and American Citizens alike, will enjoy “Eternal Immortal Soldier.” Page after page, “Eternal Immortal Soldier” keeps the reader engaged until the final battle.

This novel is Bud Monaco’s tribute to all Americans who fought, bled and died in combat with Honor and Dignity to preserve American Freedom, Democracy, and the American Way of Life.

"Eternal Immortal Soldier" Book Review Quotes by Readers.

"Bud Monaco's Eternal Immortal Soldier is a tribute to all men and women who have served, and continue to serve in the American Military, both at home and abroad. American Citizens will also become more aware of the battles these brave men and women fought to continue to preserve our Freedom. Along with Monaco's previous three books, Tone King, Riding Easy: A Rediscovery of America, and Drafted: You're in the Army Now! , Monaco has created and written interesting and factual experiences that action-adventure fiction readers will not be able to put down once they begin reading these wild and exciting books. "