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Sopro Music’s 27th Annual T-Day Chicago All Star Blues Revue
Sopro Music’s On-Line Magazine Show Review by: Bud Monaco
November, 2009

Sopro Music’s 27th Annual T-Day Chicago All Star Blues Revue at Tommy’s Place in Blues Island, IL was again another smash hit concert event. On a fairly clear but blustery November Saturday night evening, Blues Fans from all over the Chicago area once again turned out in a club capacity environment to enjoy another great Blues Revue.
With the usual crowd anticipation, Sopro Music’s Blues Revue Band took to the stage with Veteran Blues Guitarist and Vocalist ‘The Tattooed Blues Cowboy’, Joey Drada leading the band into a vintage version of ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’ as the big back beat rhythm section featuring ‘Chicago’s Drum King’, Pat Doody, ‘EADG Bass Master’, Bassist John Falstrom and the newest member of Sopro Music’s Blues Revue Band, ‘South Side Keyboard Man’, Greg Wolfman kicked out their big Blues beat. Then ‘Chicago’s Prodigal Son’, the world travelled Guitarist, ‘GuitarZilla’ Joe Jammer and ‘Chicago’s New Harmonica Master’, Doug Lee joined in with the Sons Of Blues classic ‘Where’s My Money’. Drada’s wailing guitar, teamed up with Jammer’s slamming guitar tones, along with Drada’s echoing vocals, lit up the crowd right from the start. Lee’s harmonica performance again showed why he has become one of Chicago’s finest harmonica players.
Sopro Music Recording Artists Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns then hit the stage and busted into an outstanding rendition of the classic ‘Peter Gunn Theme’, as ‘Chicago’s Trombone King’ Bill McFarland, ‘The Saxophone Sensation of the Nation’ Hank Ford, ‘The Midwest’s Trumpet Titan’ Kenny Anderson and ‘The South Side’s Favorite Saxophone Son’ Tony Ferraro on Baritone proved why they continue to be the elite Horn Section of Chicago and the Nation.
McFarland and The Chicago Horns then jammed into a moving Blues serenade with their own designed and orchestrated ‘Fire Horns Blues Serenade’. Slashing horn solo’s were in great abundance as Bill, Hank, Kenny and Tony continued setting the tone for the rest of the evening’s show. McFarland closed out the segment with a beautiful version of ‘Every Day I Have The Blues’ as his gilded, silky smooth voice struck a musical chord deep into the souls of everyone in the crowd.
Showtime continued as Sopro Record’s Recording Artist ‘GuitarZilla’ Joe Jammer led the Blues Revue Band into his show segment. Leading off his segment, in dynamic symmetry with the Blues Revue Band, Jammer kicked out his version of ‘Willie The Wimp’ to the delight of the crowd and segued into the great Blues classic of Junior Wells’ ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’ with Vocalist Deb Seitz joining Jammer on stage with her lovely back ground vocals. The Chicago Horns were also in tow, heaving out their blazing Horn’s tones perfectly in harmony with Jammer’s shredding guitar. Jammer continued with the legendary Blues kingpin Otis Rush’s ‘Ain’t Enough Coming In’ and closed out his segment, with Doug Lee joining Jammer on stage with his dynamic Harmonica, performing another Junior Wells’ classic, ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ as the crowd went wild.
The next segment of the show brought ‘Chicago’s Leading Lady Of The Blues’ Deb Seitz, to the stage with her solo project band mates joining her on stage featuring Frank Anastos on Guitar, Dan Wile on Drums and Mike Bailey on Bass. Dressed to the nines with her white brocaded, three quarter length coat, silk scarf and fire red dress topped off with her red, spiked high heeled fashionable shoes, Deb kicked off her segment with ‘Strut’, a seldom heard classic by the great Bluesman, Taj Mahal. Deb’s broke into her second song, ‘Happy Lady’, which was a brand new original Blues song written by her and her band with this being the debut performance of this newly written track. It hit home with the crowd as Deb’s angelic voice cut down deep to the bone like a razor blade of blues deep into the hearts of all in attendance. ‘Part Time Lover’ keep the crowd in rapture and then she shifted gears into one of her jump blues, trademark songs, ‘Blues Is My Business’, that brought the crowd to it’s feet showing Deb their appreciation of her graceful stage presence and vocal talent. Following this jump blues tune, Deb then showed her heartwarming vocal versatility as she cut down deep again belting out the classic ‘Hurt So Bad’. Deb then rocked the crowd out with her closing song of her segment ‘Rock Me Right’ as she definitely rocked the full house crowd right; right down to their Blues bones.
Speaking of the ‘Crowd’; as always, Chicago and Chicago’s South Side Blues Fans were out in full force as this annual Blues Revue show draws Blues Fans from all over the Chicago area as well as throughout the Mid-west which included many, many long time Sopro Music fans, friends and family. A unique sight developed during the show, as usually, there are many photographers, including SoproFoto photographer Gala LaPorte dressed to the nines and looking every part as one of the performers on stage and numerous other Blues Fans, taking photos of all the wonderful performers; but this particular evening there had to be as many professional photographers on hand as there were performers on stage capturing the event on film and digitally with cameras and video cameras. Professional photographers T.J. Johnson and Anthony Caciopo, just to name two, were shooting away along with dozens of other photographers and Blues Fans documenting this one of a kind Blues Revue Concert Event. The camera flashes continued to light up the room throughout the show reminiscent of a Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or Buddy Guy concert performance. It was a sight to see leaving an indelible memory in everyone’s mind to be remembered for years to come.
Unfortunately, this tremendous event has to have an ending at some time during the evening, but the closing segment of the show is never a disappointment. Taking to the stage in a flash and a flourish, Harmonica man, Vocalist and Blues entertainer Doug Lee continued the tradition of Sopro Music’s Blues Revues with his personalized song ‘Florida Sunshine Blues’ as he vocally talked as well as used his well honed gravely vocal voice to tell this comical Blues story while wailing away with his powerful sounding Harmonica performance. Lee then waltzed into his ‘Walkin’ Blues’ with Tenor Saxophonist, Tony Ferraro joining him on stage. Tony’s touching Sax sounds complimented Lee’s Harmonica tones in true Blues fashion.
Speaking of fashion; Doug and Tony were both decked out wearing their own styled, traditional, Blues fashioned cloths in the grand style of past Blues masters. Lee sporting his trademark black, short brimmed Fedora hat and wearing an Italian, hand made silk shirt and Ferraro was also wearing an original European styled black, hand made silk shirt. Together on stage they not only played the parts of great Blues masters of the past as they presently are, but surely looked the part as well dressed as well as could be.
Before Lee took the Blues Revue Band of Joey Drada, Joe Jammer, Pat Doody, John Falstrom, Tony Ferraro and Greg Wolfman into his next tune, Lee invited a very special guest in the house to the stage. To the delight of the band, Sopro Music promoters and staff, as well as the crowd, Blues Vocalist & Entertainer Vivian Vance Kelly, the talented daughter of Chicago Blues Legend Guitarist and Vocalist, the incomparable Vance Kelly, joined Doug and the band on stage as they kicked into ‘My House Blues’ with Vivian vocally telling the story in conversation and then kicking in with her big sounding vocal dynamics rounding out the tune. The crowd loved her and she was a perfect fit right out the gate with Lee and the Blues Revue Band. And if this wasn’t enough of a grand finale, Deb Seitz returned to the stage to join Vivian in a knock down, drag out version of ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ taking the crowd to new heights and taking the show to another stratospheric place in Blues music. Vivian and Deb’s cacophonous harmonies and the melding of their two angelic voices were gratefully absorbed into the hearts and minds of the well attended audience of Blues aficionados. Deb and Vivian did a call and response vocal attack with each other and then Doug joined in on the call and response with his Harmonica as the three of these dramatic performers continued in tandem to trade vocal and harp licks with each other while Drada, Ferraro and Jammer kicked in with their own solo licks as Doody, Falstrom and Wolfman kept the rhythm section tight and in perfect meter at all times without a flaw in their performance. Wow !! I mean Wow, it was really spectacular. Doug Lee then, finally, got around to closing the show with his finishing song which he has been doing for numerous years now with ‘Help Me’ and with his coercion for cooperation from the crowd to ‘help him’, they did with revelry as they were out of their seats and onto their feets to bring this wonderful Blues Revue Concert Event to a dramatic ending.
As the capacity crowd filtered out of the Tommy’s Place Night Club into the late night Blues Island street on South Western Avenue, now blustery chilly but with clear skies on this special November evening; all in attendance knew they had seen and heard something very special in the annuals of American Blues performances and concert events and were all looking forward to the next Sopro Music Blues Revue.
The flawless concert production, emceeing and stage management was produced and directed by Sopro Music’s Executive Producers Bud Monaco & Red Rose along with Sopro Music’s Associate Executive Producer Bob Teutsch who also did the live recording to document the show along with Sopro Security Chief Butch Marquardt handling the stage and backstage security. The flawless PA and Lighting was operated by the tandem of pro sound men, the father and son duo of Tony Gioiosa Sr. and Tony Gioiosa Jr. throughout the evening. Club production at Tommy’s Place was operated by club owner’s Cindy, Tommy and Patty Petta with Ray Ray Petta covering the night club floor from the front door to backstage with professional operations from start to finish.

See ya’ all next time around. Thank you all for your continued support.


*Bill McFarland & The Chicago Horns “LIVE FIRE” CD Record Release Show*
plus: *Sopro Music’s Big Band/Swing Revue*
Presented by Sopro Records at The Joynt in Chicago / September, 2009
Sopro Music’s ‘On Line Magazine’ Review by: Bud Monaco

Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns “LIVE FIRE” CD Record Release Show was surely a highlight of the big Chicago Jazz Festival weekend in Chicago during September of 2009. Presented by Sopro Records in the Grand Bar of Chicago’s finest night club, The Joynt on Dearborn, this performance by Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns proved once again that The Chicago Horns are the premier Jazz Project in Chicago.
Kicking off the show with material from their new “LIVE FIRE” CD, The Chicago Horns started the set with the beautifully orchestrated version of Freddie Hubbard’s “Little Sunflower”. Band leader, Trombonist Bill McFarland, and Saxophonist Hank Ford led the band into a fine start of the show with their touching horn notes as Keyboardist Kirk Brown, Bassist Jack Zara and drummer Shirazette Tinnin delivered an also touching, medley and rhythm section which matched up perfectly with Bill and Hank’s horn performances. Bill’s Trombone solo and Kirk Brown’s Piano solo early in the song set the bench mark for the rest of the show which would be a wonderful evening of Chicago Jazz at its finest. Bassist Jack Zara followed Kirk’s Piano solo with his personalized Bass solo that quickly caught the attention of all in attendance. Then Drummer Shirazette Tinnin took the spotlight during her pristine Drum solo that followed with Jazz perfection.
Bill then led the band into their island jumpin’ version of Sonny Rollins “Saint Thomas”. Bill and Hank traded off horn segments early in the song as the band accompanied them vibrantly and then had the crowd in the palm of their hands as these Jazz music lovers hung on every note performed. Kirk Brown then showed his Piano versatility with a finely crafted Piano solo to the delight of everyone.
Then it was time for some Jazz love as Hank Ford took the lead solo and eased the band into The Chicago Horns ‘Medley’ of Duke Ellington’s “In A Sentimental Mood”, Gene DePaul’s “You Don’t Know What Love Is” and Thelonius Monk’s “Round Midnight” with Kirk Brown’s Piano solo following, in dramatic fashion.
Following this great “Medley” performance, Bill took The Chicago Horns and their fans in attendance back in time with a song from their previously released debut CD “Fire Horns” with Webster Lewis’ “Mild Wind”. With Bill and Hank showing their dynamic Horn presentations that they are nationally know for, their version took this beautifully orchestrated song to another level of greatness. Again, trading off Horn solo’s, Bill and Hank, along with the continual outstanding performances of the band, set up the finale of the show, showing their versatility, and professionalism of traditional world renowned Jazz perfection. There surely was more than a mild wind blowing through this night club in the Windy City during their performance.
Closing this outstanding Jazz performance on a beautiful September evening in Chicago, Bill led the band into his own original Jazz creation featuring The Chicago Horns trademark song “Harold The Great”. Once again, as it has been flawlessly performed many times in the past, “Harold The Great” now held The Chicago Horns fans attending the show in shock and awe with their dynamic performance and the devastating brass attack of Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns.
All in all, Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns CD Record Release on Sopro Records of “LIVE FIRE” now joins their previous CD Releases “Fire Horns”, “Alive and Live” and their DVD Release “Totally Live” into the Jazz world of Chicago and across America as some of the finest Jazz Music in the Nation. Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns have proven once again that they are one of the premier Jazz Projects in America, featuring their timeless traditional Jazz arrangements and their provocative new millennium Jazz style of dynamic performance.

Following The Chicago Horns CD Record Release performance, the second portion of the show featured Sopro Music’s new, experimental debut Big Band/Swing Revue took to the stage at The Joynt with great expectations. These expectations were not unfounded as the new project was an exceptional endeavor to say the least.
With The Chicago Horns Band supplying the Big Band, Swingin’ backbeat, Sopro Music Promoters Bud Monaco and Red Rose brought to the stage and introduced Vocalist ‘Diva’ Deb Seitz to the crowd which was looking forward to her performance with highly regarded anticipation. Deb Seitz did not disappoint them as she kicked off the Big Band/Swing Revue with her own styled version, reminiscent of Lena Horn’s performance of Frank Sinatra’s “Lady Is A Tramp”. Deb’s beautiful voice, which can cut down deep into your soul like a razor blade of song, brought big smiles to everyone in the house.
Deb’s next song, a Ruth Brown styled version of the timeless hit “Summertime”, showed Deb’s vocal versatility as the magic of her sultry vocals was mesmerizing and just downright beautiful. Saxophonist, Tony Ferraro performed a dazzling, propulsive Sax solo that capped off Deb’s performance and a beautiful song arrangement by the band.
Next up on stage was Vocalist Todd MacGillivray and Todd kicked it right off with his version of Bobby Darren’s timeless hit “Mack The Knife”. Todd’s thundering vocals had the audience’s undivided attention as he told the story of ‘ol Mackie being back in town to the delight of everyone in attendance.
The Big Band/Swing Revue was then taken to another level of showmanship, or should it be said,
‘show-women-ship’, as Deb Seitz returned to the stage with Sopro Records recording artists, Vocalists France Marie and Victoria Talerico, all beautifully and fashionably dressed to kill as if they were taking the stage at world renowned Chicago Theater or New York’s Carnegie Hall. The show now shifted into the next high gear as these three ladies ripped into an outstanding and jaunty version of The Andrews Sisters hit song of the ‘40’s, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B”. The ladies dedicated this song to all the American Veterans of
WW II as well as all American Veterans of all Wars and especially to the present day American Armed Forces Men and Women fighting the present day Wars ‘overseas out there in the sand and mountains’ in the mid-East. Donning original military soft hats reminiscent of past Andrews Sisters performances, Deb, France and Victoria lit up the crowd as they harmonized together in grand fashion. Each one of them performed solo verses as well and their angelic voices held the crowd’s rapture and cascaded out into the streets of Chicago through the front doors of the club in perfect harmony.
Deb, France and Victoria then continued to kick out their magic, as their voices blended together perfectly, leading the band into Louie Prima’s great hit, “Jump, Jive and Wail”. These three fine ladies kept the song moving gracefully along, Bill McFarland, Hank Ford and Kirk Brown added their exceptional music prowess with some dynamic horn and piano solos as the rhythm section of Jack Zara and Shirazette Tinnin steadily held the Big Band back beat.
The three songbirds then performed the aptly chosen Frank Sinatra song “Chicago: My Kind Of Town” which was the perfect choice for performing at The Joynt on Dearborn in the entertainment heart of downtown Chicago. Magically and vocally in sync, the trio performed gracefully yet powerfully harmonically rich, and had the crowd reminiscing of the glory years of Big Band/Swing music from a timeless past.
Deb then closed out the show with a wonderful version of Ella Fitzgerald’s hit song “Cheek To Cheek” as she sang her heart out with a vocal rapture that had many couples in the crowd getting up from their seats and dancing together cheek to cheek across the floor of the Grand Bar in The Joynt nightclub.
A great evening of Jazz, Big Band/Swing Music and Song was totally engrossing and enjoyed by all in attendance as we look forward to the next time all these performers take to the stage sometime soon further on down the road.
The show was produced and directed by Sopro Music’s, Sopro Record’s Producers Bud Monaco and
Red Rose along with Sopro Music’s Executive Producer Bob Teutsch handling the sound and recording. The show was documented visually by SoproFoto photographer Gala LaPorte and videographer Randy Reding. The Joynt nightclub in-house production and hospitality was handsomely produced by owners Stanly Wozniak, Johnny Marano, Cory Duffy and Andy Gofis.

Bill McFarland & The Chicago Horns / “Fire Horns Totally Live” DVD
Washington State Blues Society BluesLetter Review by: Eric Steiner–2009

I know the the Washington Blues Society BluesLetter is primarily a blues resource, but I wanted to stretch my musical boundaries and add a touch of jazz to these pages. If you saw my CD collection, you’d see that I have maybe five or six jazz CD’s, tops. Sopro Records Recording Artists Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns has changed all that. My knowledge of jazz is admittedly limited, but I highly recommend the newest DVD from Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns, “Fire Horns Totally Live”!
I had the privilege of seeing The Chicago Horns at a Sopro Music Easter Parade Blues Revue a few years ago as they were part of the Sopro Blues Revue Band that played over three hours of music at Tommy’s Place Night Club in Blues Island, IL on the far South Side of Chicago. “Fire Horns Totally Live”! Features two performances recorded at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis, IN followed by six songs captured by BETonJazz at the 2001 New York Jazz Festival in New York’s Downtown City Hall Park. The core of The Chicago Horns is Bill McFarland on ‘bone’, Hank Ford on sax, and Kenny Anderson on trumpet – a horn section that’s been together for over 21 years. If you like traditional, old-school, horn-fueled jazz, you’ll like “Fire Horns Totally Live”!
‘Hip Hop Swing’ owes more to Ornette Coleman than to Cool-Herc or Fab Five Freddy, and Kirk Brown’s lively piano takes me back to Rue Bourbon in the Crescent City on ‘Mar-Di-Gras’ and ‘Mar-Di-Gras Reprise’. When I first saw Kirk’s playing on this DVD, I thought that Ellis Marsalis, a New Orleans jazz elder, would be pleased. There’s over 60 minutes of live jazz on “Fire Horns Totally Live”!, including brief commentaries from Bill McFarland and some great exterior skyline shots of New York City that will take your breath away. I wished that the DVD would have taken advantage of the bits and bytes available in the DVD format: extras like additional interviews, out-takes, a video clip from a Sopro Music Easter or Thanksgiving Blues Revue, or just a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the guys warming up before the show in Indy or Manhattan.
“Fire Horns Totally Live”! Celebrates a first-class jazz band at the top of it’s game in two natural jazz venues: an intimate nightclub and an outdoor jazz festival. The concert in New York was recorded in August of 2001 and the DVD is dedicated to the brave men and women who helped at Ground Zero on 9/11. Discover The Chicago Horns on “Fire Horns Totally Live”!, and other artists nurtured by Sopro Music/Sopro Records’ Bud Monaco and Red Rose on line at their website at


Sopro Music ‘On Line Magazine’ Show Review
Perry Danos & Backstreet
’Live’ @ Trio’s Night Club / December 26th, 2008

Perry Danos & Backstreet: The lone overdue and highly anticipated reunion show was absolutely a smash hit concert event. The previous, long enduring history of this great Chicago band never rested for a moment on it’s past laurels during it’s, new 2008, breakout performance at Trio’s Night Club in Palos Hills, IL. The packed house heralded every note throughout every song during this wonderful performance.
The big back beat of one of America’s finest rhythm sections set the tone for a wonderful night of nostalgic moments. Featuring Mike Brown on Drums and Mike McCune on Bass, this rhythm section proved that it could still kick out the great bottom end that it was known for throughout the years past.
The dynamic duo of driving Guitars featuring Frankie Capek and Jimmy Hood ripped and shredded their six string shotguns and had the packed in crowd looking on in astonishment and with shock and awe.
With Keyboardist Myron Pieczonka laying down the key root notes and his superb keyboard arrangements right from the start, every warm body in the joint knew they were locked in for one hell of a show.
Then, the driving force and charismatic band leader, Vocalist supreme and Guitarist, Perry Danos showed the audience just what real star power was all about. With his demanding stage presence and dynamic vocals, Perry guided this tremendous collection of band performers through a rollicking and nostalgic compilation of rock and roll’s greatest hits. Throughout the evening Perry wowed the crowd with every vocal mood in his never ending repertoire of vocal ranges with a multitude of songs from his collection of timeless hits.
The days of the traditional styled rock clubs is gone here in the new millennium and has been replaced with upper crust restaurants building stages for entertainment to hold late night revelers in their establishments. Perry Danos and Backstreet countered this misaligned, bastardized version of a night club of a previous time and whisked, the mainly, old time rockers in attendance back to a previous place in rock and roll time.
Great performers of a previous time of our music of life are still, always, great performers as they, and all of us grow in age and mentality as time goes by.
Here’s to Perry Danos and Backstreet and here’s to all of us; Dammed few left.


Sopro Music’s / Sopro Records
25th Annual Thanksgiving Silver Anniversary Chicago All Star Blues Revue
November 24, 2007 @ Tommy’s Place Night Club / Blues Island, IL
By: Bud Monaco for Sopro Music’s On Line Magazine

Bam !! Bam !! Blues Bam !! And away we were into Another Sopro Music Concert Event Presentation. This time around Sopro Music was celebrating it’s 25th Annual Thanksgiving Silver Anniversary Blues Revue as the show kicked off performing to a standing room crowd at Tommy’s Place on a beautiful November evening. On this special landmark show, Sopro Records / Sopro Music also Honored the world class, Sopro Records Recording Artist, Chicago’s Trumpet Titan, Kenny Anderson of The Chicago Horns for performing and recording with Sopro for 25 years. The show was also dedicated to the late, great Blues guitarist, Riverside Rob Draganski.
Let’s get right to it. Sopro’s Blues Revue Band started out in high gear with the finest rhythm section in America’s Blues Nation with Patrick Doody and John Falstrom roaring into action with their big Blues back beat on Drums and Bass. Johnny Cosgrove and Joey Drada led the onslaught with their impeccable, veteran Blues performer guitar tones with The Chicago Horns joining into the fray. The Honoree of the evening, Trumpeteer Kenny Anderson led The Horns onto the stage as Trombone King Bill McFarland, Saxophonist Hank Ford and Baritone Saxophonist Tony Ferraro blasted into one of their trademark opening numbers, ‘Blues Island Lakefront Strut’ and then segueing into ‘Stormy Monday’ with Kenny Anderson’s attractive, yet seldom used, vocals highlighting this great American classic.
For the next segment of the show, which was highly anticipated by the audience, the performers and the Sopro production crew, ‘The World’s Youngest Blues Guitarist’, Eight year old, Tallan ‘The T-Man’ Latz took to the stage. This young man absolutely blew everyone away into the next realm of Blues Music as he showed that he was not just another kid banging on the guitar but an absolutely proficient and talented young guitarist. Joining Tallan on stage with the Blues Revue Band for his first song ‘Mustang Sally’ was vocalist Deb Seitz along with The Chicago Horns kicking brass. The crowd rose to it’s feet to get a first hand look at this diminutive, yet standing tall on his custom made stage riser, eight year old Blues guitarist, as Tallan proved he belonged on stage with all these veteran Blues performers. Tallan then ripped into ‘The Sky Is Crying’ as he dedicated this song to Riverside Rob. Following up with his own ‘T-Man Boogie’ and then rambling into ‘Red House’, Tallan displayed more of his guitar proficiency as he slung his guitar up over his head and played behind his little head as the crowd stood in shocked admiration. Closing out his segment, Tallan blazed into ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ with The Chicago Horns, Deb Seitz, guitarist Joe Jammer and Harmonica Man Doug Lee joining him and the Blues Revue Band on stage as they performed a rousing rendition of the great American classic. Tallan was trading guitar licks with the world traveled Jammer, the veteran Blues Guitarists Johnny Cosgrove and Joey Drada and followed Doug’s Harmonica tones and notes as if he had been performing with these veteran performers for years on end and left the crowd in shock and awe as he finished his segment and made his way off of the stage. This was a truly classic moment in Sopro Music history to be remembered for years to come. Tallan will surely be seen in the near future on, yet to come, Blues Revues as after this break out performance he has already garnered his own south side crew of Blues fans demanding a return engagement.
Then the big gun, world traveled guitarist ‘Guitarzilla’ Joe Jammer, no stranger to performing after the proverbial ‘tough act to follow’, hit the stage with reckless abandon as he took the show up another notch with the great Jr. Wells song, ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’ with The Chicago Horns kicking brass and with Deb Seitz on stage with Jammer sharing the vocal attack. Jammer then brought Harmonica Man, Doug Lee, on stage as they smoked the crowd with a blistering version of ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’. As Jammer and Lee traded licks with devastating call and response solos, the crowd knew they were in for one hell of a great night of traditional Chicago Blues music. Jammer then broke into Otis Rush’s ‘Ain’t Enough Coming In’ and then ended his segment with the great Albert Collins’ ‘I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinking’ song with The Chicago Horns, again, continuing to kick brass.
Chicago’s Leading Lady of the Blues, the Soul Stirring, Deb Seitz then took to the stage dressed to the nines. Wearing a silk, full length cape and velvet dress reminiscent of Lena Horn in concert at Carnegie Hall. Deb, as always, lit up the room with her angelic voice and demanding on stage presence as she started her show with her trademark classic ‘Blues Is My Business’ with The Chicago Horns kicking brass along with her band mate guitarist Frank Anastos. Deb cut down deep like a razor blade of soul deep into the hearts of all in attendance as she had the crowd, especially the women, laughing up their sleeves with her jaunty version of ‘You Can Have My Husband’ and then absolutely knocking them all for a Blues loop and showing her newly directed Diva-power with her haunting and soul stirring rendition of ‘Summertime’ with Tony Ferraro’s accompaniment solos on Tenor Saxophone to the delight of the crowd. Deb finished her segment with her own ‘Voodoo Woman’ as she proved again that she is surely the new Soul Stirring, Chicago’s Leading Lady of the Blues.
Closing out the this great Blues Revue Concert Event, Chicago’s newest Harmonica King, Doug Lee took over the stage as he busted into his, self styled rendition, ‘Bring It On Home’ as the, still standing room only, crowd knew the royalty of Chicago Blues was taking them deep into the night. Doug then continued his flawless show segment as if performing in a spatial and parallel music realm reminiscent of the great Harmonica men of the past like the late greats, Junior Wells, Slim Harpo and Jody Noa with ‘I Wonder Who’s Gonna Love You’, ‘I’m Ready’ and his own penned ’19 Year Old Young Woman Blues’. Closing his set and bringing to a climatic ending of this landmark Sopro Silver Anniversary Blues Revue show, Doug sent the crowd home with a rousing rendition of the great Blues classic ‘Help Me’ to the delight of the audience.
As the totally entertained night club crowd of dedicated Blues fans filtered out of Tommy’s Place into the full moon, clear and frosty crisp November evening, they all knew that that had been part of one of the greatest Blues Revue concert events that they would all remember as time goes by for years to come.
The club production and security by Tommy and Cindy Petta and the Concert Production by Bud Monaco and Red Rose was impeccable throughout this demanding three hour concert event. The live sound engineering and lights by Tony Gioioso and Tony G. Jr. flawlessly highlighted every dynamic vocal and music note performed during the show. The show was also documented with a live recording by Bob Teutsch of Sound & Entertainment Productions and brilliantly photographed by Gala Prosapio of SoproFoto and August ‘Lordy’ Lord of The Chicago Blues Beat and videotaped in high definition by Randy Redding of Fat Trax Films.


Sopro Music’s 20th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue
The Third Annual Jody Noa Memorial Show
Sopro Music’s On Line Magazine Review by Bud Monaco / April 2007

Sopro Music’s 20th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue, the Third Annual Jody Noa Memorial Show was once again another outstanding Blues Concert event. The full house crowd at Tommy’s Place Night Club in Blues Island was packed to the rafters and with the full array of nationally renowned Blues Musicians performing during the show, no Blues fan in the house left without the finest of Chicago Blues Music profoundly ringing in their ears.
Let’s get right to it: Sopro Music’s Blues Revue Band took to the stage and started a Blues onslaught that continued for the next three hours. With Emcee and Sopro Music Promoter Bud Monaco at the mic and leading an All Star cast of Blues Musicians to the stage, he paid a heart-warming tribute to the late, great Bluesman, Sopro Records Recording Artist Jody Noa with a reading of Jody’s world renowned lyrics from Jody’s hit single, ‘Funny Man’. With the kick off words “This show’s for you Jody, Rest In Peace Brother”, the best rhythm section in Chicago Blues featuring Drummer, Patrick ‘The Drum King’ Doody and Bassist, John ‘EADG’ Falstrom kicked the Sopro Blues Revue Band into high gear from the first drop of Patrick’s drumstick and the first thump of John’s vintage Fender Precision Bass. Mainstay and Veteran Blues Guitarists, ‘Hollywood’ Johnny Cosgrove and ‘Blue Lighting’ Steve Ditzell had their vintage amps blazing while Blues King Keyboardist, John Paruolo and Percussionist, ‘The Italian Hammer’ Tony ‘Cash’ Caccitolo hammered out their big Blues tones to round out Sopro’s 20th Easter Parade Blues Revue Band to the absolute delight of Tommy’s Place juke joint crowd.
Hitting the stage in full stride with horns brass blazing, Sopro Records Recording Artist’s, The Chicago Horns featuring ‘America’s Trombone King’ Bill McFarland, Chicago’s ‘Saxophone Sensation of the Nation’ Hank Ford, the ‘Midwest’s Trumpet Titan’ Kenny Anderson and ‘Chicago’s Favorite South Side Baritone Saxophone Son’ Tony Ferraro, lit up the crowd with their eighteen minute rendition of the great Blues instrumental classic ‘Listen Here’ bringing the crowd to it’s feet with resounding command.
The Chicago Horns with the Blues Revue Band continued blasting away with their opening salvos of Blues music just like the blazing, giant, sixteen inch guns firing off the deck of the USS Missouri during Desert Storm. With Bill McFarland taking the lead vocal mic singing the Blues with his velvety smooth vocals and bringing to light what will happen to any woman who treats her man wrong, with a wonderful version of another Blues classic, ‘Next Time You See Me Things Won’t Be The Same’. The Chicago Horns continued their resounding command of the stage and the crowd as Bill, Hank, Kenny and Tony continued their segment with their prolific brass attack and Sopro’s 20th Easter Parade Blues Revue was off to a flying start right out the starting gate.
Still continuing to celebrate his Re-discovery of America, Chicago’s prodigal son, veteran, world traveled/world renowned Guitarist and Vocalist, Sopro Records Recording Artist, ‘Guitarzilla’ Joe Jammer bounded onto the stage with his big Blues energy just flowing through his magic hands as Jammer ripped through his intro song ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’. The Chicago Horns continued to perform on stage with Jammer during his first song and Vocalist Deb Seitz added some jump blues back ground vocals to take this great classic to another level. Jammer’s performance was as delightfully entertaining and performed as the original artist’s, the late great Junior Wells would have performed it as he did a few years back during a Sopro Blues Revue show during the early 90’s. As it was an honor to have Junior on the show back then, it was another honor once again to have the incomparable Joe Jammer blasting out the Blues in this new millennium of life.
Jammer then broke into his new repertoire of Blues music with a fine rendition of ‘Further On Up The Road’. Jammer then brought Harmonica Man Doug Lee up on stage and Jammer and Doug performed their tribute to Jody Noa with a mind shattering version of Junior Wells’ great classic ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’. Doug’s Harmonica tribute to Jody was just a thing of beauty with Jammer and the Blues Revue Band hammering out the song in tandem with him as the crowd applauded their every note. Jody was surely smiling down on them and all of the audience which included Jody’s mother, daughter, sisters and brother as well as his many friends from days gone by as these great Blues performers paid homage to Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure, Jody Noa. He will never be forgotten and his Blues music legacy lives on. Joe Jammer closed out his segment of the show with a rousing version of Albert Collins’ famous drinkin’ anthem, ‘I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinkin’ as the crowd heralded Jammer’s closing segment of the show.
With a raucous flurry of excitement the fabulous Brooze Brothers took to the stage with Joliet Jake (Fred Bevier), just out of prison and Elwood Blues (Lance Haack), Harmonica in hand, leading the onslaught, dressed to the nines in black suits, black ties, black fedora hats and cheap black sunglasses as they tore into the crowd with their opening number, being their ‘Peter Gunn’ theme. Visions of Belushi and Akroyd tumbled across the Blues Club floor as Drummer Bill Archer and Bassist Jimmy Kenny put their big back beat rhythm section into action. With The Chicago Horns, Keyboardist John Paruolo, Jody Noa’s protégé young turk Guitarist Riverside Rob and veteran Guitarist Steve Ditzell joining into the fray with Larry The Cop standing guard, Jake and Elwood lit up the room and heated up the cool November night as they busted into ‘Soul Man’, ‘Gimme Some Lovin’, and their dedication to Jody Noa performing ‘Messin’ With The Kid’ with Lambert Blues whaling away on his Harmonica and nicely covering the back ground vocals as the audience howled with delight. The fabulous Brooze Brothers continued their Blues entertainment magic with ‘Flip, Flop and Fly’, ‘Hey Bartender’ and finished their big show segment with the classic ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ as they brought the crowd to its feet once again.
Jody Noa had performed for years with the Brooze Brothers Band all over the Mid-west and America from coast to coast. This was a memorable performance by them to honor their friendship and camaraderie they have, and had over the years for the late, great, Jody Noa. A wonderful addition to Sopro’s 20th Easter Parade Blues Revue and the Third Jody Noa Memorial Show.
It had been Star Time from the start of the show but now it was Star Time to the max as Chicago’s Leading Lady of the Blues, Deb Seitz, took command of the stage like a flash of lighting out of the serene November sky. Deb took charge of the Blues Revue Band as she busted into her trademark song ‘Blues Is My Business’ with The Chicago Horns blasting away with their dynamic brass tones ripping right along with Deb. Also joining Deb on stage, Guitarist Frank Anastos fret work added to the big Blues sound accenting Deb’s demanding vocal attack. Deb continued rocking the house with her jaunty version of ‘You Can Have My Husband’ which she dedicated to ‘all the single women in the audience and to those whose husband’s just don’t know it yet’ as her light hearted treatment of married life had the crowd peeing in their pants with laughter. Deb then turned to more serious Blues business with her beautiful rendition of the classic ‘Hurt So Bad’ but it was the following classic song ‘Summertime’ that mesmerized the crowd and took her Blues talents to another level like thunderbolts of Jupiter as she gave the crowd a profoundly vibrating experience. Deb was savage, superb, wild eyed and magnificent. There was something ominous and stately in her deliberate vocal attack that stunned the crowd as she opened her passionate soul with her angelic voice. Deb had an eloquent look about her, well actually, she was vibrating with eloquence and the stage lights cast her shadow eerily across the front of the stage as she led the Blues Revue Band through all the dynamic and soul stirring sections of this timeless song showing that she is of, a new age of Diva Status, and not just another pretty faced Blues singer. Saxophonist Tony Ferraro then slid into a prolific Sax solo as Deb handing off the lead to Tony that further stunned the admiring crowd followed by Keyboardist John Paruolo as he hit those eighty eights with his magic keyboard hands and further lit the crowd up with a golden solo that took the crowd to another place in time. Stunned with the shock and awe of the culminating ending of ‘Summertime’ the adoring audience was then presented with Deb’s closing original number ‘Voodoo Woman’ as with amazed looks upon their faces Deb closed out her segment in a grand flourish to the delight of the standing room crowd and a well deserved standing ovation. This was surely a magical moment in Sopro Music’s Blues Revue history.
In the finest tradition of Blues Harmonica, as has been the staple of traditional Blues performances for twenty years during Sopro Easter Parade Blues Revues, mirrored in the essence of Jody Noa, Detroit native and now Chicago’s favorite Harmonica man, the incomparable Blues Harmonica frontman, Vocalist and Blues entertainer, Doug Lee stepped up to the front of the stage for a memorable segment honoring Jody Noa. Doug Lee, in no way, by his own words, would ever try to replace Jody, but his absolute, old time, original, and personal, Chicago south side bred Blues style was monumental to the traditions of Chicago Blues Harmonica performers both past, present, alive and as was those great performers who have passed on.
Doug Lee, with the Blues Revue band in tow, romped into the classic ‘Rock Me’ and segued into his own designed ‘Born Lover’ with his Harp wailing and his traditional Blues Vocals bringing to light, the great traditional Blues sounds of the past into the new millennium. Doug Lee then brought the fine young Blues Guitarist, Riverside Rob up on stage to join him in a raucous version of ‘Mojo Workin’ and had the kid playing his ass off as Rob lit into his fret board with Pat Doody and John Falstrom continuing the big back beat in the finest of style. Doug then settled the band into another pace and took the crowd down south with his original styled ‘Florida Blues’ as Riverside Rob, Steve Ditzell and John Paruolo traded off hair raising solo’s with Doug following with a tremendous Harp solo that was ringing in the rafters long after the show ended. Doug Lee then brought the show to a climactic ending with one of his trademark songs ‘Walking Blues’ as the crowd surely seemed to have tears in their eye as Doug’s vocals and his ending Harp solo, marked the end of another outstanding Sopro Music Presentation culminating in another standing ovation.
‘The Sky Is Crying’. During the writing of this review this shocking and tragic news had reached all of us and crushed our souls. The young, outstanding Blues Guitarist and Entertainer, Riverside Rob (Draganski) was in a motorcycle accident in Twin Lakes, WI that claimed his life. Rob, who was 22 years of age, passed away on Friday morning, May 11, 2007 from injuries sustained in this accident. Rob’s family and all of us are all grieving this great loss of one of the Mid-west’s and America’s finest young musicians. Rob was a Blues protégé of the late Jody Noa and Jody had first brought Rob to our stage when Rob was still in his teens seven years ago and during all of his performances with Sopro’s Blues Revue Bands over these years, Rob never failed to light up a crowd with his prolific Guitar performances that equaled any veteran Blues guitarists that we have known. Rob will be dearly missed but he will never be forgotten. RIP Brother Rob. See you on the other side further on down the road.


Sopro Music’s 24th Annual Thanksgiving Chicago All Star Blues Revue 2006
Review by: Bud Monaco / November 2006

Another outstanding Sopro Music Presentation was once again performed at Tommy’s Place Night Club on Saturday Night, November 25th, 2006 with the concert event production of Sopro Music’s 24th Annual Thanksgiving Chicago All Star Blues Revue. This Blues Revue show honored the great Chicago Saxophonist, Hank Ford, of the nationally renowned, The Chicago Horns, celebrating Hank Ford’s 20th year performing on Sopro’s Blues Revue shows. A great time was had by the full house of Blues fans in attendance.
Guitarist, Hollywood Johnny Cosgrove once again led the Blues Revue Band onto the stage with Blues Revue veterans Patrick Doody kicking out the big back beat on Drums and John ‘EADG’ Falstrom rounding out the best blues rhythm section in the nation on his thundering Bass. Veteran Blues Guitarist Joey Drada and Percussionist Tony Caccitolo rounded out the Blues Revue Band with a great introductory music performance.
Then it was star time as Sopro Records Recording Artist’s, The Chicago Horns, took to the stage in a flourish of dynamic Brass bellowing out over the crowd. Leading The Horns into the fray was The Chicago Horns band leader Bill McFarland dialing up his Trombone to full tilt boogie mode, Kenny Anderson belting out the brass rifts rattling the rafters on his Trumpet and Tony Ferraro bringing a new brass element to the sound with his addition of his big bottomed, Baritone Saxophone. Then, the honoree of the evening, Hank Ford, hit the stage running with his Saxophone blazing strong as The Chicago Horns and the Blues Revue band kicked out a stirring rendition of the great classic ‘Listen Here’ as the crowd rose to it’s feet and acknowledged Hank Ford, The Saxophone Sensation of the Nation, for his 20th year celebration. The level of excellence was now set for the evening as the show was off to a great, high energy down home Chicago Blues start.
The first segment of the show continued to roar as the Band and The Chicago Horns with Hank Ford on Vocals, covered the late, great James Brown classic, ‘I Got You’. Following up Bill McFarland took over on Vocals as they broke into the wonderful old blues standard ‘Next Time You See Me’, as Bill claimed that he ‘would rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log’, rather than put up with a two timing woman, to the delight of the audience.
With a big jump in his long legged step and his world famous guitar in full blues shred mode, Sopro Records Recording Artist, Guitarzilla Joe Jammer catapulted onto to the stage and ignited the crowd with his Blues onslaught. With The Chicago Horns kicking brass and Deb Seitz belting out the back ground vocals on stage with Jammer, he kicked off his segment as he slashed his way through Junior Wells’ famous classic, ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’. Continuing with his segment, Jammer flawlessly performed for the first time, ‘Further On Up The Road’, and Otis Rush’s ‘Ain’t Enough Coming In’. Jammer was then joined on stage by Harmonica Man, Doug Lee to do a great tribute honoring Jody Noa as they thundered through another great Junior Wells tune, ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’, and Doug’s exquisite Harmonica performance rang out over the crowd and Jammer’s slick guitar performance lit up the crowd again. Closing out his segment, Jammer kicked the crowd into a Blues frenzy with the classic and venerable hit song of Albert Collins, ‘I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinking’. The show and the Blues Revue Band now in high gear and the high performance operation continued on with the rest of the show.
Chicago’s newest Leading Lady of the Blues, the Soul Stirring Deb Seitz, captured the audience as she belted out ‘Blues Is My Business’ with The Chicago Horns again kicking out their big brass blues sound in perfect concert with Deb and the Band. Guitarist Frank Anastos, who performs with Deb, stepped up to the stage and showed the crowd why he is the number one guitarist on Deb’s new CD release.
Deb Seitz then mesmerized and captivated the crowd and then cut them down deep like a razor blade of soul with her angelic voice as she took the band into her beautiful rendition of ‘Hurt So Bad’. Deb then kicked out her version of the jaunty and raucous ‘You Can Have My Husband’ to the delight of all the ‘single, or soon to be single women or those women whose husband’s just don’t know it yet’.
Deb continued to heat up the cool November evening crowd with the great standard ‘Summertime’ with her warm and evocative vocals and her then with her own original ‘Voodoo Woman’ then breaking the Blues bank with her new, original, CD titled song ‘Another Promise’. As Deb finished with ‘Another Promise’ she gave the stage over to Patrick ‘The Drum King’ Doody and Patrick raised the roof with a unbelievable thundering Drum solo that was knocking brick and mortar loose on Tommy’s Night Club and finished this show segment leaving the blues loving crowd in shock in awe to say the least.
The stalwart Blues Revue Band continued to keep the overall sound and the power of the Blues alive and absolutely dynamic for the duration of what would be a three hour concert event as Guitarist Johnny Cosgrove playing his vintage Gold Top Les Paul with it’s delectable tones portrayed his unflagging Blues Guitar talents. Guitarist Joey Drada, with his Blues stage muscle covering stage right, kept unleashing his prolific and exacting Blues tones throughout the show. The precise and dynamic rhythms of Patrick Doody hammering away with perfect meter on his Yamaha Drum kit along with Bassist John Falstrom jacking out the EADG’s on his vintage Fender Precision Bass and thundering along with Percussionist’s Tony Caccitolo’s fulfilling Percussion sounds, resonated to Blues heaven, song after song and performer after performer flawlessly all night long.
Chicago’s new Harmonica strong man and Blues entertainer, Doug Lee, then hit the stage and quickly busted into one of his trademark songs, ‘Help Me’, as he tore through the crowd with his slashing Harmonica Virtuoso, hitting all the right highs and all the bellowing lows with his magic Harmonica performance. Doug had the crowd chuckling as he vocalized his Albert Collins like style rant about the problems of married life. With his unique, see-saw, two-voiced, on stage conversation he was having with his old lady along with the comical conversation he was having with himself and the crowd, Doug was having a great time with the beginning segment of his performance.
Doug Lee then kicked the Blues Revue Band into another higher gear as he performed his ‘Walkin’ Blues’ and then continued his segment as he segued into his own designed ‘Florida Telephone Blues’ and had a long distance discussion and performance as the crowd delightfully was taking it all in with great amusement.
Finishing up his show segment, Doug Lee brought Joe Jammer back up on stage with him to bust into ‘She’s Going Somewhere’ as Doug and Joe, in perfect tandem, ripped Tommy’s juke joint apart and they both tore into solos, with Doug’s Harmonica blazing and Jammer’s Guitar in full Blues shred mode as they brought the crowd to it’s feet to bring the show to a dramatic and outstanding close.
The booze was flowing; the smoke was billowing and the rising din of the Blues music and the full house audience’s cheers, carried on down Western Ave. into the November night as the show came to its final and fulfilling dramatic ending. With a great concert production crew featuring Sopro Music Promoters and Stage Operation Specialist’s, Bud Monaco and Red Rose, along with the outstanding Staging, PA Sound and Lighting crew operations flawlessly run by front of house and monitor soundmen Jimmy Wiersma, Tony Gioiosa and Tony Gioiosa Jr. along with Sopro Records recording engineer Bob Teutsch recording and documenting this wonderful Blues Concert Event and SoproFoto photographer Gala LaPorte documenting the event on film as well as the smooth club operations put together by night club owners Tommy and Cindy Petta, a great time was had by all and Blues fans of Chicago now look forward to the next Sopro Blues Revue Show with great anticipation.





Hey Hey Blues Fans. One of the Chicago’s and the Mid-west’s Leading Ladies of the Blues, Deb Seitz, has released her new, solo, CD album ‘Soul Stirring’ and as ‘Blues Is Her Business and Her Business Is Good’, this lil’ Lady really nailed it all on this, her first solo release on her own independent label.
Recorded, produced and mastered at Drumhead Studios by the highly proficient producer and engineer, Pat Doody. Pat’s recording has captured Deb’s sound and style to the max giving it a strong Blues sound that is musically fulfilling for Blues affecianados. Deb’s CD ‘Soul Stirring’ stands up to any present or past Blues Music, Blues Vocalists; Female or Male, in the Blues Nation. After seeing Deb Seitz perform live during her night club shows and on Sopro’s All Star Blues Revue Shows during the past few years, her vocals and her style are unique to her and it is all perfectly captured on this new release of Deb Seitz’s, ‘Soul Stirring’. And ‘Soul Stirring’ it surely is, no doubt. Deb never has to force her voice to do something that isn’t natural to her vocal style and anyone who hears this CD or hears Deb sing live will surely attest to this as her angelic voice mesmerizes all who hear her sing.
As for the individual songs on the CD: The out-of-the-gate, kick-off song ‘Blues Is My Business’ is a great first song choice for the album. It jumps right out at you and the band shows it ‘complete professional’ talents right from the start. Showcasing Deb’s vocals, this great song will start you on a wonderful Blues Journey throughout Deb’s ‘Soul Stirring’ CD. The second song, ‘Goin’ Somewhere’ is absolutely ‘Deb’ and seeing that this is her own original song makes it that much better. The only limit about ‘Goin’ Somewhere’ is that it is Deb’s only original song on the CD. It would have been nice to hear more of Deb’s own original songs, maybe at least one or two more of her own. The third song ‘Voodoo Woman’ by the great Blues Vocalist, Koko Taylor, is for sure a real crowd pleaser and will surely be a fan favorite during her live performances. The fourth song, ‘Hurt So Bad’, really kicks out Deb’s vocal prowess and highlights the band with their outstanding performance on this track. I recently heard Deb perform ‘Hurt So Bad’ at Sopro’s recent Easter Parade Blues Revue Show and Deb had the attending crowd mesmerized and held them all in ‘shock and awe’ during her performance of this song. ‘Sugar Coated Love’ is very well presented and Deb’s rendition of Janis Joplin’s ‘Turtle Blues’ is right on the money as well as Deb’s version of Joplin’s ‘Bobby McGee’. Deb really nailed these two tracks beautifully in her own style of vocal attack. ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Rock Me Right’ are two classic songs that Deb nailed the same way and will surely be big hits for Blues fans across the Nation when she performs these songs live on stage.
As for Deb Seitz’s band. Deb could not have chosen better with her choice of musicians for this wonderful Blues Journey of hers. Featuring some of the ‘top dog’ Blues Performers in Chicago and the Mid-west, these musicians have taken Deb’s music to a whole ‘nother level of perfection and ‘Down Home Chicago Style’ Blues precision.
The outstanding band director, producer and drummer Pat Doody leads Deb’s band through this musical Blues Journey with exacting precision both as a performer and producer. Heading up the band is one of the most outstanding rhythm sections in the world of Blues Music. Featuring one of Chicago’s and America’s finest Blues Drummers Pat Doody behind the Drum Kit and the dynamic Bassist John Falstrom whose taut Bass lines are always extremely articulate and extremely precise. These two performers lay down the rock solid foundation that sets the tone for Deb’s music and magical voice on her ‘Soul Stirring’ CD. Add to this great Blues back beat rhythm section, the ‘Leslie driven’ Keyboard sounds of the well traveled and nationally known Brother John Katke on the Hammond B-3 along with the lovely and talented Lisa Welli’s soulful Keyboard performance and Deb’s rhythm section is second to none.
Although the heart and soul of the CD is Deb Seitz’s angelic, although sometimes, downright ‘Blues Nasty’ vocals, and of course that is ‘beautiful Blues Nasty’ vocals, the trio of outstanding Guitarists that Deb has platooned into her band is downright devistating to say the least. Heading up this trio of unique and dedicated young blues guitarists is Motor City Josh Ford whose slash and full-shred, yet harmoniously textured guitar technique absolutely sets up the real deal blues sound that is totally prevalent throughout Deb’s ‘Soul Stirring’ CD. Triangulating this outstanding trio of Blues Guitarists performing on Deb’s ‘Soul Stirring’ CD are Frank Anastos whose unparalleled guitar sounds along with Guitarist Joey Drada performing with his perfectly precise blues guitar technique takes Deb’s music to an overall majestic blues sound that is beautiful for all music lovers to hear and enjoy. Deb Seitz, her band and producer have made a flawless and great piece of American Blues Music with her ‘Soul Stirring’ CD that will surely survive the passing of time for years to come. Visit Deb Seitz at her website, and learn more about her and her music.





The Jody Noa Benefit Concert Event on Sunday, February 27, 2005 at Bourbon Street Entertainment Complex, surpassed any projections that may have been previously made. The absolute mind boggling sell out crowd of over 3,000 family, friends, musicians and associates of ‘Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure’ Jody Noa, proved that Jody was surely one of the most loved and honored musicians of Chicago and America. Fans from all over the country came out to show their support for our beloved brother Jody Noa and with graciousness and love, the Noa Family and production staff thanks them all for their contributions. Over 70 musicians and over 100 individual performances paraded across the stage during this elaborate event that just absolutely ripped that joint and brought the house down throughout the day and night. For over six hours, the royalty of Chicago and American Blues Musicians showed why Chicago is the world capitol of the Blues. A flawless and extreme stage presentation and stage management kept the continuing line up of Blues Musicians parading on and off the stage from start to finish. And if I may say so, it was not an easy accomplishment and without the professionalism and dignity of all the musicians involved this feat could have never been accomplished. It was a great honor to be an integral part of this world class show that will surely go down in Chicago Blues History.

The show kicked off like the start of a Super Bowl of Blues Musicians with a compilation of Jody Noa’s “Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band” performers of the past featuring Guitarist’s Johnny Cosgrove and Steve Ditzell with Jimmy Kenny on Bass and Marty Binder on Drums along with Tony Ferraro on Saxophone, Top Hat Robinson doing vocals, John Paroulo on Keyboards, Tony Caccitolo on Percussion and Whalin’ Ray Cumpian on Harmonica. These cats ripped through the first set with reckless abandon and got the capacity crowd off their seats and on their feets right from the get go.

The second set included more former “Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band” performers that featured the world-renowned and legendary Guitarist John Primer along with one of Jody’s Blues proteges, Riverside Rob. With the old guard Primer and the Young Turk Rob, these two guitarists lit up the crowd along with Jimmy Kenny on Bass, Top Hat Robinson on Drums, John Paroulo on Keyboards, Tony Ferraro on Saxophone, Springer on Harmonica, Tony Caccitolo on Percussion and Tom Holland on Guitar.

The third set brought to the stage, one of Chicago’s Leading Ladies of the Blues, the legendary and exquisite vocalist, Big Time Sarah. Big Time Sarah was just dynamic as she cruised through her set amazing the crowd with her magic voice. Sarah was accompanied on stage by Guitarist’s John Primer, Riverside Rob and Paul Petritus along with Bassist Mike Boyle and Gerrardo Guzman on Drums, Tony Caccitolo on Percussion, Earth Man and Springer Man on Harmonica and Tony Ferraro and Top Hat Robinson on Saxophones.

If the show wasn’t already in high gear, the fourth set shifted the show into overdrive. The legendary Guitarist Killer Ray Allison along with Guitarist Johnny Cosgrove led this set into Blues Heaven along with John Falstrom on Bass, Pat Doody on Drums, Rich Mahoney on Keyboards, Tony Caccitolo on Percussion and Tony Ferraro and Top Hat Robinson on Saxophones along with The Chicago Horns leader Bill McFarland on Trombone. With the arrival on stage of the ‘Crowd Pleaser’ himself, ‘The Chi-Town Boogie Man’, Vocalist Casey Jones took over and whipped the sell out crowd into a Blues frenzy as Casey entertained and performed his magic on stage.

The fifth set continued the show with Pat Doody on Drums, Tony Rufo on Guitar, Bruce Felgen on Bass, Rich Mahoney on Keyboards and Ken Cummings and Bob Stackler on Harmonica’s. Ken and Bob paid tribute to Jody with their outstanding Harmonica duo that thrilled the crowd.

The sixth set kept the Blues vibe alive as Guitarist Ray Sucash led his Bad Idea Rhythm and Blues Revue onto the stage along with his band mates C.C. on Bass, Pat Doody on Drums, Wolfman on Keyboards and Doc Haney on Saxophone to the continued delight of the audience.

The seventh set had Bassist and band leader R.P. Ron Michaels leading his well known Blue Plate Special Band into a rousing set featuring his band mates Harry Binford on Guitar, Kevin Johnson on Drums and Mark Zelepugas on Harmonica. Mark had been a protégé of Jody’s for many years and he performed admirably knowing that Jody was watching from another place.

The eighth set brought the Sopro Music Rock Brigade to the stage. With a rock ‘n roll change of pace, the renowned Chicago veteran Guitarist and Vocalist Bobby Dunne led a rockus and mind bending set of rock ‘n roll that featured the South Sides favorite Bass man Tommy Biondo on Bass, veteran rocker John Horvath on Drums, with Guitarist’s Steve Staszak, Tony Wilson and Marcus Soljasic and Bob Stackler on Harp. With Bobby Dunne’s eclectic vocals and guitar performance the Rock Brigade had the crowd dancing in their chairs and dancing in the jammed packed isles.

The ninth set brought a great compilation of Chicago Blues Performers to the stage. This set included Guitarist’s Johnny Cosgrove, Adam St. James and Steve Ditzell with the veteran Blues Drummer Jerry Porter and C.C. on Bass along with Tony Ferraro and Top Hat Robinson on Saxophones, Reed Reiley on Keyboards and Tony Caccitolo on Percussion. Added to this set, Harmonica Players Doug Lee, Dennis McMasters and Bob Stackler paid another Harmonica tribute to Jody Noa that held the crowds attention until the on stage arrival of two of Chicago’s Leading Ladies of the Blues. Blues Vocalist Deb Seitz led the vocal attack with her soul stirring voice and lit up the room with her song ‘Blues Is My Business’. Following Deb to the front stage microphone was the dynamic Blues Vocalist Peaches Staten. Peaches continued to enlighten the crowd with her magic voice and charismatic stage presence to the delight of the audience. Arlene Mora and JaniceShaw brought more heart felt soul to the stage with their outstanding back ground vocals as they sang along with Deb and Peaches during the set.

The tenth set took this show to still another level. The nationally renowned Brooze Brothers Band, which Jody Noa had been performing with over the past years, featuring Jake and Elwood also known as Fred Bevier and Lance Haack, led their full Blues Revue show onto the stage featuring Guitarist Steve Ditzell, Jimmy Kenny on Bass, Bill Archer on Drums, John Paroulo on Keyboards along with Jim Massoth on Saxophone and Bonny Brown on Trumpet with three back ground vocalists that just absolutely brought the, still full house, crowd to their knees.

The eleventh set continued into the night to the delight of the crowd as Guitarist’s Gene Kilty, Elmo and John Primer along with Bell Bottom on Bass, Top Hat Robinson on Drums, Tony Caccitolo and Perry Jordan on percussion, Patrick Regan on Keyboards with Earth Man and Greg Sabin on Harmonica’s kept everyone’s attention leading to the last set of the event.

The last set, making it an even dozen brought Guitarist’s Ray Sucash, Danny Mack and Riverside Rob to the stage with Bell Bottom on Bass, Pat Doody on Drums, Tony Caccitolo and Perry Jordan on Percussion, John Paroulo on Keyboards, Tony Ferraro and Top Hat Robinson on Saxophone’s with Joe Brown on Harmonica and Bobby Baker on Flute. With this grand finale, the attending, and still capacity crowd, was left in shock and awe, as they had witnessed one of the most magical and all Blues consuming day and night of Chicago and America’s Blues Music by the Royalty of Chicago Blues.

As all in attendance, audience, family and musicians paid their tribute to Jody Noa, we all knew that Jody was smiling down on all of us. This was a memorable and historic event that will be remembered by all that witnessed and performed on this great event that paid tribute with honor and dignity to one of Chicago’s and America’s finest Blues Musicians, Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure, Jody Noa. He will be forever remembered in our hearts and minds.
RIP Brother Jody.



Off Broadway / Enuff Z ‘Nuff / Wrong Boys Concert Review
by Bud Monaco. 11/13/04


The Sopro Presentation Concert on Saturday night, November 13, 2004 at Tommy’s Place Night Club in Blues Island, IL was just outstanding. One of the best Sopro Presentations in Sopro history. Just like old times. Just like they’ve never been gone. Seeing these three great bands kick out the jams with the music that I cut my teeth on as a promoter during the 70’s and 80’s was just a beautiful thing. Old time Chicago-style rock n’ roll.
Tommy Biondo and the Wrong Boys kicked off the show with their signature tune ‘The Wrong Boys’. They then added 10 classic rock covers to finish their set with a flurry of guitar riffs from Steve ‘Goose’ Staszak and Rob Martin kicking out the drum back beat with Tommy’s thundering Bass lighting up the crowd.
King Bassist and vocalist, Chip Z ‘Nuff with Johnny Monaco’s searing and scorching guitar work lit the house on fire as they took to the stage and Eric Z ‘Nuff’s totally consuming drum lines had the crowd in a frenzy for Enuff Z ‘Nuff’s kick ass set. Chip was in rare form dressed to the 9’s with some of his trademark clothes. They were all dressed to kill like rock ‘n rollers ‘used’ to dress like with beautiful leather and silk cloths and snake skinned boots and shoes. They were awesome to say the least. Performing all their great songs from their past nine albums these boys are still on track being called one of Chicago’s and the Nation’s greatest original music bands.
Then Off Broadway took to the stage and staggered the full house with a blazing set of material from their two albums ‘ON’ and ‘Automatic’ along with a cover medley of Ronnie Spector’s ‘Be My Baby’ that absolutely was a magic moment in Chicago music history. Cliff Johnson cajoled the crowd and entertained the rock club floor numerous times as he left the stage to personally sing to people sitting on the side tables and the women standing on the dance floor. And his voice is a great as it was 20 years ago, hands down! Guitarist Rob Harding kicked off the set playing his Red 6-12 Gibson ESG 1275 Double Neck Guitar (Jimmy Page style) and absolutely showed his virtuosity as the great legendary guitarist that he is. Rob continued to sling a wide array of different guitars from his vintage arsenal of guitars that were handled exquisitely by his crewmate during the show. Newcomer and outstanding master guitarist Mike Redmond was an absolute dynamo and unbelievable articulate entertainer. Mike added a whole new dimension to the Off Broadway band with his perpetual stage presence and antics. He continually commuted back and forth from his side of the stage to Rob’s, continually encouraging the others to keep up the intensity, which was done with relish by the other band members. Bassist Mike Gorman and Drummer Ken Harck were flawless in their thundering rhythm section back beat that was devastating and just wonderful to see and hear. What a great time everyone had and all in attendance are looking forward to seeing this line-up perform again soon further on down the road.
Old time rock n’ roll still lives on in Chicago. Hail to the Chiefs and Kings of Chicago Rock. They will never be forgotten and they will all continue on into the new millennium as they have for the past twenty-five years.



Saturday night at Sopro’s 22nd Annual T-Day Blues Revue at Tommy’s Place Night Club in Blues Island, IL, Guitarist Motor City Josh Ford performed with the Sopro Blues Revue Band for the first time on a Sopro Stage from start to finish and electrified the full house of blues lovers. Josh was outstanding and we here at Sopro are looking forward to his next performance on a Sopro stage. The show kicked off at 10:30pm sharp, with Josh and Guitarist Johnny Cosgrove along with Bass King John Falstrom, Percussionist Tony Caccitolo and Drummer Pat Doody rounding out the rhythm section. The Chicago Horns then took to the stage in their patented, dynamic fashion as Trombonist Bill McFarland, Saxophonist Hank Ford, Trumpeter Kenny Anderson and Saxophonist Tony Ferraro made a further statement of music that once again enhanced their ‘Top Dogs’ of Chicago and the Nation’s Elite Horns Status. The World Traveled Guitarist Joe Jammer, just in from Montreal for the show, then took to the stage with his knock down, kick ass Blues set. Jammer’s rendition of Hoochie Coochie Man, dedicated to our Blues Brother, Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure, Jody Noa, who was noticeably missing due to his illness, brought tears to the eyes of many of Jody’s avid fan base and family that were in attendance. Then the crowd was lit up like a flaming bonfire with the on stage arrival of Deb Seitz as she flawlessly performed material from her debut CD release album ‘Soul Stirring’. With Deb’s performance of ‘Blues Is My Business’, ‘Goin’ Somewhere’, ‘Voodoo Woman’ and ‘Hurt So Bad’ from her debut CD, Deb had ‘cut to the Blues Loving Bones’ of the capacity crowd who were richly enchanted with her performance. Next up, Chicago’s Leading Lady of the Blues, Peaches Staten, held the full house crowd in ‘shock and awe’ as she thundered through her set with her beautiful stage presence and entertaining magic. Peaches was later joined on stage by the great Chicago Vocalist Shay Jones along with vocalist Arlene Mora and with newcomer vocalist Janet Shaw and these ladies showed the crowd what they can do with a four piece vocal section with the greatest Blues Band in the country kickin’ out the jams behind them. Then Guitarist Motor City Josh Ford and his full complement band, featuring Guitarist Caleb Ford, Bassist Chris Douglas and Drummer Pat Doody, stunned the crowd with their machine gun blues performance that absolutely brought down the house with a guitar showdown between Josh and Caleb to finish the show at 2:00am, ‘Three and a Half Hours’ after the first note was played. Sopro was proud to present once again another Concert Event and not just another night club date and made it Another Memorable Sopro Presentation. This show was billed as a ‘Tribute Show’ Honoring ‘The Blues Drum King’ Patrick Doody as Sopro and Patrick celebrated Twenty Years of making music together. Those of you who were in attendance; We at Sopro Music and all the Sopro Family of Blues Musicians thank you for you continued support of all the great Chicago Blues Musicians and Entertainers who performed on the show and during this wonderful, continuing Sopro Blues Revue Presentation. Those of you who missed this great show, tough luck. Maybe we’ll see you at the next Blues Revue.



Concert Review from Cosmik Debris Magazine by:Eric Steiner

Sopro’s 18th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue
Venue: Tommy’s Place; Blues Island, IL
Date: March 26, 2005





For the past 18 years, Bud Monaco and Red Rose, the twin engines behind Sopro Music/Sopro Records, have showcased local under-the-radar blues talent every Easter Weekend. This year was my first Easter Parade Blues Revue, and I encourage blues fans to discover this treasure trove of Chicago and Chicago South Side blues talent that’s ready for the big leagues.
Sopro Music/Sopro Records bookends its blues year with its annual Thanksgiving Blues Revue, and over the years, Monaco and Rose have recruited some of the region’s finest blues talent. Tonight was no exception, except that the evening marked the first Blues Revue dedicated to Jody Noa’s memory. Jody, “Chicago Hidden Harmonica Treasure,” passed away in late 2004, and his family was there in full force.
Tommy’s Place, a 300-seat club on Chicago’s far South Side, is home to a diverse mix of live music, ranging from metal to hip hop, rap to jazz, and rock to get-down gut-bucket blues. March 26th was a special night for all of the Midwest as I watched the Fighting Illini clinch their Elite Eight berth at the sound of the buzzer at Tommy’s Place with legions of Illini (and Blues) fans. After the Illini sank the game-winning basket in overtime, the Sopro crew worked like a well-oiled machine to make sure the transitions between each of the guest artists in the three-hour plus show went smoothly. Bud Monaco has probably been doing this for longer than a quarter century, and this experience is a big factor in the evening’s smooth transition from one performer to another, as he’s quietly but effectively assertive when he needs to be. The Easter Parade Blues Revue more than honored Jody Noa’s memory, and it was a memorable night for fans of traditional blues with a decidedly Chicago flavor.
Highlights for me included the night’s Blues Revue Band that consisted of Hollywood Johnny Cosgrove and Ray Sucash on guitars, John Falstrom and Patrick ‘Drum King’ Doody on bass and drums, John Paroulo on keyboards, and Tony Caccitolo on Percussion. When The Chicago Horns took the stage, their tight sound showed why they were voted by regional publication Midwest BEAT as the top horn act for 2004 in the magazine’s annual readers poll. Bill McFarland was on trombone, Hank Ford and Tony Ferraro played sax, and Kenny Anderson played trumpet, as they added to the night’s blues magic.
Guest artists included Casey Jones, a soulful high-energy singer unmatched by the likes of James Brown. He’s earned his nickname as the ‘Chi-town Boogie Man Crowd Pleaser’ with a lifetime of work on stages around the country and all over the world. Top Hat Robinson’s vocals are as soulful as his sax, and when he sat in with The Chicago Horns the room turned electric. I’d loved to have seen the renowned singer Peaches Staten on her home turf, but, unfortunately, illness sidelined one of the true ‘Leading Ladies of Chicago Blues’ at home for the evening. With all of the technology at Sopro’s fingertips, we should have wired her house for sound, just in case she was ready to join other Leading Ladies of Chicago Blues that night. Fans of blues from a woman’s point of view were not disappointed, as Deb Seitz, Arlene Mora and Marilynn Claire offered powerful renditions of work originally performed by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Koko Taylor.
The evening’s closing performance was Motor City Josh Ford, a Detroit born and bred powerhouse who’s invested in his first tour bus, which he picked up just days before the Blues Revue. After the gig, bandmates Chris Douglas on bass, Damien Ford on drums, and Caleb Ford on guitar packed their gear up and headed for the highway, and they’re working steadily across the United States in blues clubs and blues festivals until December of 2005.
I’ve penciled in Sopro’s Thanksgiving and Easter Blues Revues as ‘must do blues events’ on my blues calendar, and if business or pleasure brings you to the Midwest during these holidays, it should be on yours, too. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no Annie Liebowitz or Richard Avedon, but I’ve put together a photo gallery of some of the high points of tonight’s set. For additional information:
Jody Noa; Motor City Josh Ford; Deb Seitz; John Falstrom; Pat Doody and The Chicago Horns. For more information on a constellation of musicians working hard to keep the blues alive in the greater Chicago area, check these and other Sopro Music/Sopro Records artists out.


Sopro Music’s 19th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue

Sopro’s On Line Magazine Review by: Bud Monaco / May, 2006

Sopro Music’s 19th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue at Tommy’s Place Night Club on Saturday Night, April 15, 2005 in Blues Island, IL was another great Sopro Music Presentation.

Sopro Blues Revue Band Director, Guitarist Hollywood Johnny Cosgrove led the Blues Revue Band onto the stage with the rollicking four-four blues classic, ‘Buck Dance Blues’ with the returning, veteran rhythm section featuring Drummer Pat Doody, Bassist John Falstrom and Percussionist Tony Caccitolo setting up the big Blues Revue Band back beat. With veteran blues guitarist Joey Drada rounding out the Blues Revue Band, they were joined on stage with the nationally renowned and dynamic horn section of Sopro Recording Artist’s, The Chicago Horns, featuring Bill McFarland on Trombone, Hank Ford on Saxophone, Kenny Anderson on Trumpet and Tony Ferraro on Saxophone.

As they ripped through ‘Buck Dance Blues’, The Chicago Horns band director and arranger Bill McFarland segued the band into the great blues classic ‘Next Time You See Me’ with his silky smooth blues vocal talents taking center stage to the delight of the full and packed house at Tommy’s Place setting the tone and the energy for the rest of the 19th Annual Easter Parade Blues Revue Show.

Sopro Recording Artist, Chicago’s returning prodigal son, Guitarzilla Joe Jammer then took to the stage in full Jammer-esque regalia, accompanied by The Chicago Horns and Chicago’s Soul Stirrin’ newest Leading Lady of the Blues, Deb Seitz, doing background vocals as Joe Jammer tore into Junior Wells’ classic blues hit ‘Today I Started Loving You Again’. Jammer took control of the stage and the crowd like a WW II Zeppelin Commander in combat with his prolific guitar work, hammering out blues licks on his vintage, blond Telecaster. He continued his Blues onslaught with Otis Rush’s ‘Ain’t Enough Coming In’ and Willy Dixon’s ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ which he dedicated to Jody Noa. Jammer finished off his set with Albert Collins’ hit song ‘ I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinkin’ to drive the crowd into a musical bliss of dammed near Blues delirium.

As Sopro Music Promoter and Emcee Bud Monaco had stated in his staple Cab Calloway style introductions at the start of the show, the show was honoring the memory of the late, great blues harmonica man, Sopro Recording Artist, Chicago’s Hidden Harmonica Treasure, Jody Noa.

And then the crowd was on it’s feet as Jody’s all original Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band took to the stage and did not disappoint the crowd as they brilliantly performed ‘Snatch It Back’, ‘Theresa’s Lament’, ‘Help Me’, ‘MF Blues’, ‘Let Me Love You’, ‘Early In The Morning’ and ‘Messin’ With The Kid’ which were all staple songs of Jody Noa and The Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band over the years. The original Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band performers were Guitarist Johnny Cosgrove, Bassist Jimmy Kenny, Guitarist Steve Ditzel, Drummer Marty Binder and Saxophonist Tony Ferraro along with Harmonica player Greg Springer joining the band on stage during ‘Help Me’ and through the end of this great set. The Sho ‘Nuff Blues Band’s music presentation in honor of Jody was surely a memorable performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

Enduring the proverbial ‘hard act to follow’ situation, unfazed, Chicago’s Soul Stirrin’ newest Leading Lady of the Blues, Deb Seitz, took command of the stage with her natural star power and commanding stage presence and kicked off her set with the crowd rousing hit, Etta James’ version of ‘Blues Is My Business’ as The Chicago Horns added their dynamic brass sounds to her prolific and angelic vocal attack to the delight of her adoring fans.

As Deb Seitz ripped through ‘Business’ she cut down deep like a razor blade of blues, cutting to the bone and into the hearts and souls of the crowd who were in shock and awe as Deb lit them up from the stage. Captivating and demanding their attention, Deb caroused through songs from her new solo album ‘Soul Stirrin’ as she belted out ‘Every Bit Of Your Love’, enchanted them with the soul shearing ‘It Hurt So Bad’, grabbed the attention of all the women in the house with ‘Voodoo Woman’ and totally knocked them all back a step as she melted their blues souls with her heart wrenching version of ‘Fever’. Finishing up her set with the crowd standing in their seats, Deb Seitz continued with a beautiful version of Aretha’s ‘Chain Of Fools’ to the absolute delight of all in the house. A new crossroads of Blues perfection was agreed on by all with a standing ovation for Deb Seitz as she brought The Chicago Horns, Joe Jammer, Steve Ditzel, Greg Springer, Jimmy Kenny and Marty Binder back to the stage for a grand finale of the 19th Easter Parade Blues Revue show for a rousing rendition of ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ with all 15 Blues Revue performers taking part and driving the crowd into an absolute blues frenzy to conclude the show.

A great time was had by all, performers and Blues fans alike. We are all looking forward to the next Sopro Music Blues Revue with great anticipation once again.