Author Bud Monaco's novel, "SIX: Action, Suspense, and Adventurous Short Stories," will take readers on daring escapades that come alive in fast-paced excitement and intrigue throughout six different locations in Europe, America, Canada, and Central America.

Monaco's distinctive writing style, highly acclaimed by book reviewers and readers alike, will transport readers to widely diverse locations and vividly creates harrowing events as his indomitable heroic characters become connected as one with each and every reader.

Monaco's readers will travel to unique destinations, experiencing unexpected situations not offered in any tourist travel guides. European and Canadian cities, Panama, the 1860's Wild West of post-Civil War Kansas, and the Mean Streets of 1949 Chicago are the exquisite and authentic settings that avid fiction readers will enjoy page after page.

Along with Monaco's "SIX," and his previous three novels, "Riding Easy: A Rediscovery Of America," "Tone King," and "Eternal Immortal Soldier," Monaco has created and written interesting and factual experiences that action-adventure fiction readers will not be able to put down once they begin reading these extraordinary and exciting books.

"SIX: Action, Suspence, and Adventurous Short Stories " Book Reviews coming soon.

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