Tone King


Jimmy Shreads, guitarist extraordinaire, is searching for the perfect tone. From the moment he picked up his first guitar decades ago, Jimmy practiced for endless hours, days, weeks, and years. Jimmy and his ‘Full Shread Band’ performed in night clubs, tin horn bars, and back street juke joints in America from coast to coast. Jimmy’s desire never faltered, his dedication never wavered, and after decades of fighting to survive in the obscene, volatile, uncaring world of the music business, he finally realizes his lifelong dream. Jimmy, his band mates Tommy, P.J., and Joey, business savvy manager Tony, and loyal road crew rise to the top of the charts, reaching the pinnacle of fame and fortune in the wild and crazy life that is rock and roll. Bud Monaco’s second action-adventure novel will take the reader on an incredible, mind bending, and daunting journey through the world of rock and roll music, spanning the globe and beyond in the process. Avid readers, musicians, and music fans who ever wondered what it would be like to rise to the top of the bill, will, through Jimmy Shreads, experience the moxie to be the most famous rock star in history and become the “Tone King” of the Universe.

Bud Monaco's Tone King will be avidly read and enjoyed by musicians and music fans. Monaco's descriptive narratives regarding the lives of musicians and music business shenanigans, documents the real life stories of what it takes to be come the most famous rock stars on the planet. Along with Monaco's previous two books, Drafted: You're in the Army Now and Riding Easy, A rediscovery of America, Monaco has created and written interesting and factual experiences that action-adventure fiction readers will not be able to put down once they begin reading these wild and exciting books.